Formed or Embossed faces give your logo or text a distinct 3D effect. When viewed at a slight angle, embossed/formed faces can add an element of depth to your logo/text and implies a certain level of stability to your business. Formed faces are the next step up from traditional flat vinyl signs. Also a feature of formed faces is what is called the "pan" face feature. Simply put, this feature actually vaccum forms the face to extrude out 3 to 4 inches from the trim piece.

Pride through quality is our mission statement and
it shows through our neon signs. All formed signs
comply with local sign ordinances and are engineered
to withstand 75 mph sustained wind.
We specialize in Integrated Static and Electronic Sign
Systems. We are the only sign company in the mid-
west that manufacture our own electronic message
centers. A formed sign with an electronic message
center is a match that can not be beat.

Quality, Reliability, and Service will keep your
business name shining bright for years to come.