Missouri Neon provides a wide variety of creative
sign options for primay site identification as well
as interior and wayfinding sign systems. Each
option fitting a specific need set forth by the client.

There are a wide variety of illuminated and non-
illuminated sign options that will set your business
apart. Channel letters and wall cabinets are a
very cost effective way to identify your business
without damaging your pocketbook. With over 70
years of experience, let us help your company
create the perfect sign solution to fit you and
your customers needs.

Customize your sign with the help of our
creative art department. Our art department
works closely with each client to produce
dynamic signs and logos that are a visual
representation of the clients business.

Please select a sign system that you would
like to learn more about.


Pylon Signs
Wayfinding Signs
Interior Signs
Neon Signs
Channel Letters
Wall Cabinets
Formed Face
Pole Signs
Formed Plastic Ltrs
Large Format Printing

Electronic (LED) Message
are used by
many banks, hospitals,
and entertainment venues,
providing direct marketing
and constant communication
with the mobile public.
We are the only sign company
in the midwest that manufacture
our own electronic message